Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Summit

We had this idea.  And so we met to finalize our plans.  And this idea...well, it's really the best idea, I must say.

And what it is, is: rehearsal intensives.

We wanted to honor each others' personal lives rather than bludgeon any free time and energy we have to bits by committing to a more "mainstream" rehearsal and creation schedule.  And so, honoring this, we found we were lacking in time to gather together for our next creation. And then we found the cure: short, intensive periods of exploration-research-creation-experimentation-incubation-experience-work.

Three intensive weeks, one in each of the summer months, followed by a sharing in the fourth month.  No time for ongoing, predictable drudgery, but short bursts of energy followed by time for absorption. And from my understanding, we're allowed to strangle each other if this intimate time becomes a little too intimate.  What did we say?... Passionate Truth!

I think we are brilliant.

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