Saturday, September 8, 2012


This night is founded (partly) on yarn.  Webs of yarn, yarn in many colors, journeys with yarn, remnants of yarn.  We have invited an audience with whom to share our work-in-progress, and tonight will be the first night that outsiders will witness an Ochlos creation in our new home.  Our laboratory took a morsel of an idea this past winter, of a 400-year-old king clinging to his crumbling empire, from Eugene Ionesco's absurdist play, Exit the King.  We talked of life, fear of death, allowing the aging process, loss.  We spoke of tyrants and dictators, repressed peoples and refugees, and of the empowered and daring.  We shared ideas on faith, hope, tarot and ritual.  We arrived this September with a journey to share with an audience, and it takes us through a physical world that a good amount of yarn also inhabits.  Beautiful, colorful yarn, coming out of my ears.  I don't mind; I could spend all day with this yarn.


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